Our Team


Dr. Nancy W. Kelly – Owner/CEO of YE OLD COIN SHOP

Dr. Nancy White Kelly is a retired school principal. When she was a teenager, it was necessary to ride a public bus to and from school. There was a bus change that occurred in front of a neighborhood coin store. Since Nancy had a thirty minute daily wait, she frequented the coin store where the owner took time to teach her about numismatics. He gave her the first coin of a beginning collection.That was more than fifty years ago. Since finances were limited, she was only able to add a few buffalo nickels, Washington quarters and wheat cents to her meager collection. Her grandmother and twin sister gave Nancy silver dollars frequently for Christmas and birthday

In adulthood Nancy became a vest-pocket dealer with the goal of having her own shop someday. After two retirements from the educational scene, she and her husband opened the YE OLD COIN SHOP in the northeast Georgia mountains near the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Nancy has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and is the author of JOURNAL OF A LIVING LADY.

Her book is available from Amazon and on this site.